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Southern Plantations for Rent

When you talk about southern plantations, you can feel the scene from 'Gone With The Wind' playing in front of your eyes. The scenery consists of a big white house located at the center of a vast area. This house has a series of long and tall columns.

Southern Plantation Ready for Rent

It has a driveway that is lined with live oak trees. It is winding and gorgeous. The garden is filled with lots of blossoms. Magnolia trees are a general sight that can be found in these gardens.

Who would not want to live at such a place? I know I would. This is not just a dream that is depicted in movies, but rather it is a real picture that you can find in many of the houses that are available for rent in the southern plantations region. In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest's Mama renting out several rooms to strangers in her southern plantation home.

To have a brief brush with the history of these southern plantation regions, you need to be aware that they got the name of "plantations" due to the mode in which their revenue was generated. The economy of this region was dependent upon the crops that they produced. Initially it was tobacco and the rice crops that brought about the main revenue. However in the 19th century, cotton became the most wanted and most grown crop of this region.

Due to the demands of the sector, the farm and plantation owners had a bunch of slaves who worked in these fields to ensure that the crops came out with optimal yields. This feature became a distinguishing factor of the southern plantation area.

Unwind and Rewind ...

Now-a-days, these houses are used by individuals as guest houses, or to live in. Far from the crowd, they are a unique place to stay close to nature. Since you will be surrounded by natural elements, it is a relaxing way to unwind. The rooms in such properties are huge. They are spacious, having extremely fine features like a built in closet, own washer, dryer, screened porches and cathedral ceilings.

The surrounding greenery is a boon to the eyes that have been tired of watching the concrete jungle. The lush greens beckon you to step out on the grass and breathe in the clean air. There are lakes surrounding many southern plantation properties that are available on rent. The view from these lakes is breathtaking.

If you are looking for renting a southern plantation, then you ought to do a bit of background research of the property. Make sure that you look around and see the whole property before you make any decisions. There are different varieties of amenities that are offered in these rentals. You should check if your needs are covered in the list of amenities or not.

Pet Friendly?

If you are an owner of a pet, then you need to ensure that you have read through policies that are applicable to pets. There are certain southern plantations that need to verify and approve the pets before you step into the property with them.

Overall, whether you are renting a southern plantation for a wedding, or renting a room in one in which to live, the overall experience will bring you back in time in a good way.


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