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Southern Plantation Weddings

Southern plantation weddings are what many women have dreamed of since they were young girls. Many women have long dreamed of having a perfect fairytale romantic wedding in the charm of one of the beautiful southern plantation homes.

Southern Plantation Wedding
Southern Plantation Wedding

These plantation homes are spectacular and the providers will generally pay immaculate attention to all the details related to your wedding day.

This is what makes plantations perfect dream-like places for the fairytales of young hearts to come true especially if you're a fan of the South or Southern history.

It might seem like these romantic southern plantation homes are only for young couples, however, the fact is that southern plantation wedding venues are perfect for couples of every age. Couples from 18 to 80-years-old and all ethnicities celebrate their special day with their friends and families among the historical glories and charm of the Deep South. These southern plantation weddings are celebrated in different styles like formal, casual, intimate and on a grand scale.

The details in regards to weddings include rehearsal dinners, receptions, wedding brunches and ceremonies held under the oak trees that may have a little hanging moss for added effect. The plantation staff sometimes also gives suggestions for hiring wedding aids like photographers, videographers and wedding planners.

You can take your wedding vows in one of the beautiful ballrooms or grand pavilions and exhibit an elegant reception afterwards. Southern plantation wedding venues are also famous because of the atmosphere that one experiences with the magnificent settings.

Some of these southern plantations have been serving this purpose for over more than a century. Many will have exquisite gardens that rival none in the area. They give you an option to spend your special night after the wedding in one of the lavish suites that have multiple rooms and also sometimes include a private pool.


The bridal services for the couple include the following:

  • Proper parlors for the brides and the bridesmaids
  • Stylish bridal suites that have a separate pool, Jacuzzi tubs and showers
  • Ballrooms and the grand pavilion for receptions
  • Salons that offer full-service for hairdressing and make-up
  • Restaurants for fine as well as casual dinin

Several companies have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the renovation of southern plantation wedding venues. They make sure that every woman, who is about to get married, experiences comfort and elegance like that of a princess. There are special and luxurious dressing rooms for brides, so that they can get ready for their special day all of the conveniences they need.

One of the reasons why some people prefer to go for southern plantation weddings is the charm and luxury of the venue that offers amenities like salons and spas that are exclusively intended to spoil the women on the most important day of their lives.

One of the most fascinating parts of southern plantation weddings is the long pathways that lead to the grand houses. These pathways have very old and high oak trees on both the sides that provide dream-like shadow to the passersby.

There are many southern plantation homes which offer both indoor and outdoor weddings. You can make your special day unforgettable by celebrating it with elegance in a garden or in a landscaped area of a southern plantation homes.

Other memorable and romantic experiences for southern plantation weddings include firework displays and horse-drawn carriages that will make your special day an experience of a life time.


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