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Southern Plantation Tours

Southern plantation tours are available for those who want to experience a little history of the Deep South. There are a lot of different architectural styles that are signified in the plantations of the southern states.

Southern Plantation Tours
Southern Plantation Ready for a Tour

They help the tourists have an amazing experience that is remembered for the rest of their lives. Most of these southern plantations are toured year round. Some of them offer bed and breakfast accommodations for those who want to spend a night in these plantations.

There are many plantations situated in the Deep South, which include Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi.

"Plantation" as a word was basically used in the pre-war period. It referred to a farm settlement that is owned by a family. Most of these southern plantations had extravagant dwellings for the owners as well as their families.

On the other hand, there were many properties that were not so lavish. These southern plantations that can be visited by the tourist today are the ones that were considered to be remarkable ones in their times. Many are taken care of by the historical societies of the state or the local parks programs.


There are two main types of southern plantation tours to choose from. One is the self-directed tour, while the other is the professionally guided tour. As is obvious from the name, self-directed tours are the ones that involve gathering information and experiencing different and new things by oneself.

In professionally guided southern plantation tours, docents or trained historians, who have detailed knowledge about the plantation, are provided to guide the tourists throughout. There are some tour companies that sell southern plantation tours in order to generate profits. These companies mostly take around 10 tourists at a time for half-day trips.

Prerequisites for Visiting Southern Plantations

In case you have a plan to go to a plantation all by yourself, do not forget that each one of them offers different packages. There are a few that only let you go to the building outside the main dwelling, like kitchens and quarters for the slaves. While, there are some that allow access to the main house, where the visitors can walk through and enjoy their time.

In some of the southern plantations, reenactments days are celebrated. On these specific days, actors actually perform the everyday chores that were performed in the pre-war period. You might want to plan your visit to plantation on a reenactment day.

There are many plantation homes of Louisiana, especially near Bator Rouge and New Orleans, which offer a historical flavor. Some of the most well known plantations in Southern Louisiana are located near Lafayette.

Staying at a southern plantation bread and breakfast is a highlight that many will cherish for a lifetime. An overnight stay in any one of these lavish places is one of the most exuberant experiences of one's life. The rooms are usually adorned with antiques and the breakfast served in this unique setting is an experience in itself.

Many of the southern plantations are famous for festivals and events that are celebrated to preserve and recall the history of that city. So, check ahead for southern plantation tours that coincide with these festivals and make a weekend of it, or more.


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