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Louisiana Plantations

Plantations in Louisiana are unique places that combine history and nature into one ultimate package. Guests from all over the United States flock to see these places. Some of them are the remnants of the dark American past, but most are lovely and tranquil places of respite and relaxation.

Rosedown Plantation

The Cottage Plantation

The history of the Cottage Plantation goes back to year 1795. This originally Spanish colonial site was bought and rebuilt by an American family. Cypresses and oaks shade the massive colonial house, located in the center of the plantation. Practically all buildings, some of them dating back to the 18th and 19th century, were preserved in their original state and could be visited by tourists. The Cottage Plantation house boasts a great collection of antiques; some of them are available for sale in the nearby antique shop.

Frogmore Cotton Plantation

Composed of 18 various structures dating back to the 1800s and spreading over nearly 2000 acres, the Frogmore Cotton Plantation offers a great historical experience. The tours include visiting the 19th century buildings, housing unique content such as a Smithsonian quality 1884 Munger steam gin. For the ones interested of the more contemporary methods of planting and harvesting cotton, Frogmore Cotton Plantation offers a guided tour of the currently used equipment. Frogmore Cotton Plantation is still fully functional and produces high quality cotton on a daily basis.

Rosedown Plantation

Established in the 1830s, the Rosedown Plantation had been in the hands of the descendants of the original owners for nearly a century. The plantation once encompassed nearly 3500 acres and the magnificent house, built in the Federal - Greek Revival style, stood at the head of a 660-foot long oak alley. Rosedown Plantation offers a peaceful rest and relaxation time for its guests, who should delight themselves in visiting the exquisite gardens and the sophisticated plants collections within them. Naturally, the original plantation buildings and structures are also available for visiting.

Laura - A Creole Plantation

Originally set up in 1804 near Vacherie by a French veteran of the American Revolution, the Laura Plantation was one of the main suppliers of sugar cane in that area. The plantations had grown to 10 sizeable buildings and used to be accessible from Mississippi river. Nowadays the Laura Plantation offers plantation tours, filled with picturesque reconstructions of the 19th century life style. The Plantation is recorded in the National Register, along with its 12 buildings surrounded by sugar can fields.

The Myrtles Plantation

The pride history of the Myrtles Plantation dates back over 215 years ago, to the time when it was built by General David Bradford. This plantation offers a really unique experience - a haunted mansion tour. The large house located in the center of the grounds incorporates interesting architectonic features and an abundance of artwork. The Myrtles Plantation was featured on a number of American TV shows. It was also featured in The Haunting of Louisiana. This place truly brings back the Southern tales of romance and mystery, making it a perfect location for a riveting stay!

Louisiana plantations were once homes to wealth landowners. Some still are. In spite of a dark past, these plantations allow one to step back into history yet admire the beauty of the present at the same time.

Notice: On November 22, 2013, the historic LeBeau Plantation in New Orleans was burned to the ground by suspects who believe the place to be haunted.


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