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When you think of the southern plantations you may think of the movie "Gone with the Wind". The definition of a plantation is an estate where crops are grown for cash. These crops can be cotton, sugar and even tobacco.

Southern Plantations
Southern plantations make one drift back in time.

Southern plantations go way back to the days of the slaves. Plantation owners used these slaves as workers to pick their crops and even clean their homes. These old southern homes were beautiful and they defined history.

Southern plantations and their styles date back to the 17th century. You can find the most beautiful and famous plantation homes in states like Louisiana, Texas and Georgia. Louisiana offers the Beauregard House, which was built in 1833, and the Bocage Plantation of 1801. Today these plantations are considered to be historical landmarks.

Historical plantations are located throughout South Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia and Tennessee just to name a few. Some of the most historic plantations can be found in South Carolina.

Some of the most popular are the Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens, Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation and Its Garden. Located in Franklin Tennessee is the historical Carton Plantation. This home was the biggest Confederate Hospitals during the Civil War.

Southern Plantation
Southern plantation with a white swing is pictured.
Though many of the older and popular plantations have been converted to museums or even hotels, there are many home contractors out there that can build you your own plantation homes. These builders are often found down south since a lot of land is needed to be considered a plantation.

If you can't afford to build your own plantation, wouldn't it be fun to visit one. In some southern states like Georgia, Virginia and Louisiana, there are plenty of tour companies out there that offer a chance of a lifetime.

For a pre-determined fee you can tour some of the souths most beautiful, famous and most historic plantations. If you are planning a tour down south, look up any tour company online and get the best tour you can. It truly is a chance of a lifetime.

If you are planning a wedding and you live down south, wouldn't a plantation wedding be a dream come true. Check out the local plantations, some of them will rent out the plantation for a wedding or a party.

There are even some plantations that have been turned into hotels too. Check with your local real estate agent next time you are planning a trip to Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina and other wonderful southern states.

Rental Picture ...

There are some plantations that have been turned into apartments. You can rent these apartments and get an idea what life was life back on a true southern plantation.

There is a great deao of information on this website on southern plantations, the history behind them, who lived there and what the life and the culture was like. It was nothing like the life we have today.

Slavery shamed the South, but there was also a separate life that needs to be remembered that is both romantic and difficult. Living in those times was different and if you knew even some of what life was like back on the plantation you would be surprised.

Life may not have been like "Gone with the Wind" but it needs to be remembered nonetheless.

Wacky Facts about Plantations

The earliest plantations in history can be traced back to the Roman Empire where olive oil and wine was produced.

The Southern-most plantations in the United States were actually located in Hawaii.



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